Let's get your car 🚘 or van 🚚 on the road, shall we?


My name is Junior, I am a multi-disciplinary web and graphic designer supporting small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their desired look for their business or personal vehicle wraps and signwriting.

Over the last 10 years of wrap designing, I have been honoured to work with a select few of the highest quality wrap businesses across Nottingham. Although I am the graphic designer for your van or car wrap, I am also able to support you in finding the best possible wrapper to help the best suit your budget and project.

Some of the businesses I currently work with also offer unique mobile signwriting services to ensure that your work remains as uninterrupted as possible when having your van signwriter designed by me.

Is now a good time?

If you want to speak to me over the phone, leave your details below and I will give you a call within the hour.

What types of vehicles can I design?

Car wraps

Being a big car scene lover myself, I know how imporatnt you car can be for you and whether you are designing a track car or looking to spice up your daily, I would love to help you design it!

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Van Wraps

Starting your business can be daunting, but getting your business noticed even on the road is important. When you arrive at customers houses, they want to know that they can trust you. Van wraps can help convey this message.

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Fleet Wraps / Sign Writing

Because I work with such a large number of vinyl fitters and car and van wrap specialists, I can help you find the one that can handle the needs of your business, whether you have one or two new vans to wrap or are looking to signwrite all 100 of your new vans, let me do the legwork for you!

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What happens after the design?✍️

After the design work has happened, then I start my job. I will post your design to all my vetted wrapping specialists in Nottingham and then provide you a list of quotes of those who want to bid on your job. Once this has happened and you have selected your company, we then get you booked in on a time and day that suits you. (Bare in mind, typically a full car or van wrap may take up to 7 days to be completed.)

Vehicle Wrap Design: What's the process?

It is more than just "designing a vehicle wrap" its about the customer service and experience.


First we will get together (Via Zoom) and we can discuss the needs of your business and want you want to achieve from your car or an wrap and/or signwriting.


I will then go away and prepare 3 designs for you to suit different levels of budget, this will help you to understand whether you would like to spend a little more or even if you can save a little!


Once we have comfirmed designs, I will then post the designs to my vetted wrappers in Nottinghamshire who will provide me with a quote and timescale.


On the day of your wrap, you can either drop your vehicle off at you chosen wrapping specialist or I will come and collect your vehicle and deliver it back once it has been completed to a high standard.

Why have I chosen my wrap partners?

I visit onsite all my wrapping partners who are able to provide good feedback from past customers.

I ensure that all graphics fitted come with a 6 month warranty, so if anything goes wrong within that time, let me know and we’ll fix it for free.

I ensure my wrapping partners have premsis large enough to cater for all vehicles shapes and sizes.

Good Vehicle Wrap design is all in the details.

Already a client?

Hey! Great to see you here and using the site that I have built. If you want to you can use this to log into your client area and see designs and manage work requests.

Want to know more?

I would always love to hear more about your van or car wrap project. If you would like memm to get in touch wiht you then please use the form below and I will be in touch shortly.