Web applications & software development

A well designed and developed web application can sometimes outperform a mobile app for a fraction of the price.

A web application can help you fall in love with your business processes again.

Business processes, such as invoicing, quoting and providing support, may have become boring or lost along the way.

A web application can help you and your team stay on top of incoming requests for support or help you to be more productive within your business. Remember, nearly everything digital within your business can be an automated process.

My Favourite Web Application Languages.

Web applications don’t run cheap unfortunately and can take a long time to develop in 2019 you could be looking to pay anywhere from £3000-£15,000 for a web application for your business.

A web application, takes elements from mobile apps and elements from well designed websites and put them together, offering a CRM Hybrid experience, however, a web application and its needs change change dramatically.

Have a look at the web application I have a done for Pulp Friction CIC.

Development times on a web application can vary massivley, some web application can be completed in as little as 20-30 days, however, most take much longer, looking more around 5-6 months for development to be complete.

In some applications, yes a mobile app is better, however, creating a mobile app can often come out far more expensive than a web application.

The key difference between a mobile application and a web application is notifications.

Connecting your business both internally and externally has never been so important!

During 2020, many businesses were not prepared for the new WFH (Working from Home) directive and became lost along the way, now working from home has become the new normal, thanks to web applications and internal processes that have been automated. Many of your staff may now be working from home and providing you with a new way of working is essential to managing your workload.