Fosse Cashflow: A new PHP Website

As a user of Fosse Cashflow Services, I can honestly say these guys really know what they are doing. I have been so proud to have been working with them since 2020. The latest project came in the early part of 2021, They approached me with a templated website that they said they wanted to […]

A new website for Pulp Friction Smoothies CIC

After 7 months of working together on a PHP accessible web application, Pulp Friction Smoothies asked me to support them in developing a new website for the enterprise that would reflect the hard work that was been put into the web application. Pulp Friction wanted my support in creating a set of digital brand guidelines […]

A new site for Blu Banana Graphics

The Journey with Blu Banana continues into a new site. I have been proudly working alongside Blu Banana on various projects since July 2020 from new websites to google ads campaigns and vehicle designs too. Most recently in January 2022, they approached me and asked me to complete a new website which would match the […]

Tint ‘n’ Tuned New Website

I began working with Steven at his previously names company Peak Power Tuning in Sepetmber 2020. I had the pleasure of working along side him then to build a website for Peak Power Tuning. A company which specialises in car Remapping, Window Tinting and Carbon Cleaning. Using a set of files created by DK Tuning he […]

How to add a new user in WordPress.

Adding a new user to your CMS (WordPress) may be essential to allowing people into your site. You may have just taken on a new store manager for your eCommerce site or you may need to add a new user to your site to help you develop your site further. Either way, you are going […]