How to add a new product in WooCommerce.

Woocommerce is a completely free plugin that is used by WordPress developers and small business owners to make their site into a full functioning eCommerce website. Woocommerce has endless features including the ability to be able to add your own product to your website simple and within minutes. Making sure you have all the correct […]

4 Signs it is time to update your website: C’mon, it’s 2022!

Your website needs an update this year. Since 2014 a lot has changed in the web design industry and creating an engaging website has become more and more difficult as peoples attention spans have changed over time. Creating a well structured and well-designed website is no longer as simple as header, body, footer. your customers […]

Is typography making a comeback in 2022?

That’s it! 2021 is over and now we look towards 2022 and what is new within the design and ad creative industry. As a graphic designer for the last 9 years, I have become well adjusted with fonts, often finding myself pointing out specific fonts and (as my wife would say) “judging” a designers choice […]

How to add a new user in WordPress.

Adding a new user to your CMS (WordPress) may be essential to allowing people into your site. You may have just taken on a new store manager for your eCommerce site or you may need to add a new user to your site to help you develop your site further. Either way, you are going […]

How to change your email footer in Microsoft Outlook.

When selecting an email provider to use, outlook has become the main choice for sending and receiving personal and professional emails. When you are setting up your emails on outlook, the main thing you will notice is that everyone has these fancy email footers that really show off who people are and what they can […]