How to add a new product in WooCommerce.

Woocommerce is a completely free plugin that is used by WordPress developers and small business owners to make their site into a full functioning eCommerce website.

Woocommerce has endless features including the ability to be able to add your own product to your website simple and within minutes. Making sure you have all the correct information is important to ensuring that your customers can find your products easily.

Let’s get into it. Adding a product to your store front should not be a difficult, nor time consuming task. I have detailled below how to complete the upload to make your item live in your eCommerce platform.

Quick Steps

Log Into your WordPress admin area > Select “Products” from the sidebar > Select “Add New” > Insert your product details here > Select “Publish” > Your item is now live in your storefront!

1. Log Into your WordPress Admin

You will log into your WordPress admin are usually at or you can then ask the developer who build your ecommerce site to give you some login credentials.

2. Find & Select "Products"

From sidebar select the “products” tab which should be right below the WooCommerce tab.

3. Select "Add New"

Once selected, you should see all your ecommerce website products here, you can now select “Add New” which will take you to a new page.

4. Insert Your Title

Once on this page, complete the title section of your product, which will will act as your Meta Tag for your SEO options. Create an engaging product title here.

5. Add Pricing

In the nest section, we will begin at the top section which is pricing. Insert your pricing here.

6. Add Inventory Details

The next tab is your inventory manager, if you are using an inventory, insert your SKU here as well as any stock management.

7. Add Shipping Details

In the next section below is the shipping details, the shipping classess for your ecommerce website will be inputted in the woocommerce settings, here you can apply a shipping class to your products.

8. Add Linked Products

If you are using linked products you can add those here, linked products offer more a more unique and controlled view of the “related products” section of your single product page. 

9. Create Your Description

This is the part where you need to do some SEO research and lok into how to get your products ranking higher in SEO.

10. Add Images

Images are an important art of the purchasing process for eCommerce websites. Ensuring that your customer has enough information to make the purchase is key here.

11. Select Your Categories

The next step is to add your product to your categories. This way your customers can see all your products grouped together in the correct way.

12. Publish your Product

The final step is to select “Publish” this will push your product through into live code making it visible in your eCommerce Store.

Tools you will need to use

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