Fosse Cashflow: A new PHP Website

As a user of Fosse Cashflow Services, I can honestly say these guys really know what they are doing. I have been so proud to have been working with them since 2020.

The latest project came in the early part of 2021, They approached me with a templated website that they said they wanted to update. I was only more than happy to support them in this.

The wanted a site that was appealing, colourful and stood out. They had seen some websites that they liked the look of and were keen to have some custom graphics on here too. The website needed to have various pages that showcased the work that the team did as well as making full use of the great photography that they had, had done at the time.

The team wanted to showcase some of their pricing on their WordPress website and so I helped them to create a page that would do that with the option of requesting more information about the packages once they had been posted into there.

When I has started working on the website with Lousie and Billie, it was clear they wanted to take some of the seriousness away from accounting and bookeeping and wanted to add a little fun when we were building their website. I feel I managed to achieve this by using a new mix of fonts that offered some creativitiy and lightheartedness to the website. This really tied in with the colours that they had already chosen, which came from their logo.

Fosse Cashflow, is a bookkeeping and accounting business based in Newark, Nottinghamshire. they have seen substantial growth over the last two years and have supported businesses large and small across the midlands in making their bookkeeping easier than ever before.

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