A new website for Pulp Friction Smoothies CIC

After 7 months of working together on a PHP accessible web application, Pulp Friction Smoothies asked me to support them in developing a new website for the enterprise that would reflect the hard work that was been put into the web application.

Pulp Friction wanted my support in creating a set of digital brand guidelines whilst maintaining an accessible website.

As part of the website package, we also put together a photography package that the guys could use to help promote the social enterprise. The package consisted of 8 hours of photography that was spread over 2 days, during which time, we were able to catch some great shots of the members in action as well as see the team at one of their events at the Arnold Fire and Rescue Station.

After the website went live, the team wanted to add the function of being able to receive donations from people who wanted to give to the CIC and so we used 2 third party apps to help achieve this from both Stripe as the third party payment processor and Donorbox to actually collect the donations.

Pulp Friction needed their site to be as accessible as possible to ensure that all the people that were visiting the site are able to do it easily. This included using the font recommended by the governing bodies for website accessibility.

We also used a lot of video content to get the most from the content we had caught as part of the photography/video packages.

we also created a set of custom graphics to help support people moving through the site and make the information that was given easier on the eyes. This was a fantastic website to have worked on and well in line with the other projects we were working on at the time.

Tools / Languages used in this project

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