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I began working with Steven at his previously names company Peak Power Tuning in Sepetmber 2020. I had the pleasure of working along side him then to build a website for Peak Power Tuning. A company which specialises in car Remapping, Window Tinting and Carbon Cleaning.
Using a set of files created by DK Tuning he is able to help increase a persons MPG and BHP in their vehicles with tuning files.
Steven approached me in March 2022 asking for support in a rebrand and new website for his new venture called Tint ‘n’ Tuned. I was only more than happy to help him out with this,

I helped Steven to create a small but engaging site for his visitors, He wanted to have a online presence that tied in with his ew branding offering his customers a new oppourtunity to reach out to him for support via one of the forms on his site.

The website has been build using a CMS, the CMS that was selected was WordPress, this was so that the site could be easily self-managed with as little support from myself as possible.

When we began the branding journey toegther, we came up with 3 initial designed that matched the energy that Steven wanted to see from his new company, he wanted to appeal to a younger crowd, demonstrating that a fresh face with his new shade of blue which was carried over from the previous branding.

 This is the design that was selected by Steven at Tint ‘n’ Tuned.


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