A new site for Blu Banana Graphics

The Journey with Blu Banana continues into a new site.

I have been proudly working alongside Blu Banana on various projects since July 2020 from new websites to google ads campaigns and vehicle designs too.

Most recently in January 2022, they approached me and asked me to complete a new website which would match the energy and feel of their new van wrap which was completed by Adam over at AC Creative.

I was only more than happy to take on the task of supporting them in building this new site.

The breif was fairly simple, they wanted a highly informative website that would support the growth of the company, by matching the new looks and feel of their recently updated van wrap.

As a company I have bene working wiht for almost 2 years at this point I really wanted to wow them with animations and really up to date tech on their website that made it stand out from other print and design companies in Nottingham.

Like myself, they really liked to look of these “bobble head” illustrations and so they asked me to complete a set of these that representetd each of the people within the company. these bobblehead designs can really set you out form the crowd adding a little bit of fun to what could be a serious corporate website.

Whe building the website we wanted to keep the website running on a WordPress basis however, the links and integrations that they wanted could have been too advanced for inside WordPresses capabilities, this is why we stuck with WordPress for the majority, however used a considerable amount of custom code to ensure that all intergrations were working smoothly.

We also had to consider the themes here too. As their new branding and van was really bright and stood out, we needed to ensure that the website did the same thing too. The website has lots of complex moving parts which could only be acheieved by ussing Lottie files and a mixture of scrolling affects and mouse-based parralax.

Blu Banana Graphics & Embroidery are based in Bilborough Nottingham and provide workwear, vehicle wraps, printing and signage services to businesses from across the country, they have worked with big brand names like Rolls Royce, AW Lymn and even the NHS most recently.

Blu Banana are also one of my vehicle wrap partners offering competative pricing for vehicle wraps across the East Midlands

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