Is typography making a comeback in 2022?

That’s it! 2021 is over and now we look towards 2022 and what is new within the design and ad creative industry. As a graphic designer for the last 9 years, I have become well adjusted with fonts, often finding myself pointing out specific fonts and (as my wife would say) “judging” a designers choice in selecting a font. But what is stricken me is how much text is being used within advertising again. I thought we had seen the death of picking out a type that was attractive and usable and we had just accepted that everyone liked Calibri or Arial and that was it, however, I think typography is home.

As I said 2021 was an amazing year for Typography. From creating ads that play with words to attempting to make your audience smile when walking by a billboard, typography is making a comeback.

How we are beginning to notice more and more in typography as opposed to still images, even in videos adverts and web design and graphic designers are starting to once again lean towards the use of words as opposed to using still or moving images in order to portray the message they need to get across.

Typography hasn’t been used fully in design since before the use of digital printing. Since digital printing, we have been able to print and find high-quality images that make out advert stand out from the crowd. But now, everyone is looking for something a little more homegrown and is looking towards a simpler future, text and typography give that message easier than trying to decipher what a photographer or graphic designer is saying through the use of Images and video.

Typography can be used to show a sense of humour, pathos, and ethos. Typography is making a comeback because it’s versatile and timeless. It will never go out of style if used correctly!

Some great examples of typography being used in Graphic Design:

– Advertisement for the movie “The Social Network”

– Typographic poster for the theatre production “Angels in America”

– Advertisement for The Economist 2017 report on Education

In these three pieces, we can see that typography was used to create an overall feeling or emotion. For example, in the advert for The Social Network, the typeface gives off a feeling of power and importance. While in the advert for The Economist allows us to understand the directive of the design.

As we move into 2022, I am confident that designers should move their focus of ad creativity towards typography and give the power back to the people by using a strong font that allows a message to be given clearly.

I also think we need to stop thinking too much about legibility. Designs and typography are used to look beautiful and not be completely legible to absolutely everyone. Be free when using your font and look towards the future of using fonts in your design in a creative and thought-provoking way. Typ

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Typography is making a comeback and I am excited to see how it will progress in the next few years. Typographic trends are always changing, but one thing that doesn’t change is our reliance on words over images which should be celebrated more than ever before.

Is now a good time?

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