Vehicle Graphic Design.

When choosing to design your vehicle to help your business stand out from the crowd, it can be difficult to fall into the “whatever is easiest” category, making decisions for your business can be really difficult and sometimes quite overwhelming. Having a vehicle that is wrapped and dedicated to your company can be a big commitment and can often feel like a very permanent step. This is why it is so important to make sure that we can get your vehicle design right in every way that we can without saying “whatever is easiest”

I am proud and extremely honoured to work alongside Blu Banana Graphics & Embroidery based in Bilborough Nottingham, who support me in supporting you! They employ Stuart, Stuart is a high skill and highly experienced vehicle wrapper and vinyl fitter who is committed to giving your business the best look to your vehicle, he has wrapped everything from cars, light commercial vehicles, HGV, Luton vans, you name it and Stuart has wrapped it.

When we start designing your company car wrap, it is important to consider a few key things:

  • Firstly – What does your business do? Does your business just need a car signwriting ot is having a full wrap going to suit you best?
  • Secondly – Does your car wrap suit your needs as a vehicle? If you are advertising a stop smoking campaign, the very last thing you want to be doing is be caught smoking out the window. When selecting a full wrap for your company car or van you need to consider that this is a fulle xtension of your business onto the road and ensuring that the design suits your needs is key.
  • Finally – Where will you need to be seen? A great example of a wrap I worked on recently was for an estate agent. I worked closely with them to idenify what the needs were form their vehicle, I quickly recognised that the main service fo their business was flat rental/sales and so I support them in creating an equally informative roof wrap that could be seen from above to ensure that their vehicle was getting the maximum visibility when on the road.

When we start working together on designing your company vehicle wrap, I follow a procedure that allows you to get the most out of your experience with me as your graphic designer.

  1. We will start by meeting – We will arrange a meeting to get specifics of your company vehicles that you require wrapping and get to know eachother and the demands and needs of your company and your company vehicle.
  2. I’d like to see your vehicle – I will complete an inspection of your vehicle of its readiness for wrapping, not all vehicles meet this criteria and so getting this out the way as soon as possible is importants. Vehicles with too much rust of filler are difficult to wrap and can result in graphics failing too early.
  3. Quotes – I will provide you three quotes at this point
    1. Your first quote will be signwriting only, which provides the least impact, but is cheapest to install and is easy to remove if you do not intend on keeping the vehicle for very long.
    2. The second would be for a quater or half wrap, this involves, wrapping the front half or back half of your vehicle giving your company vehicle a really great road presence, whilst offering maximum customisable options too.
    3. The final option is a full wrap which would mean over 70% of your company van or vehicle would be wrapped, which would reault in needed to inform the DVLA about your change. The full wrap would give maximum impact for your business and show your clients and customers that you are reliable, hardworking and are here to give 100%. However, full wraps do not run cheap. You can usually expect to spend upwards of £1,400 on a full vehcile wrap, however pricing may vary.
  4. Design – Once you have chosen and accpeted your quote I will then start designing your company wrap for you. I will have some first concpets over to you by day 2/3 and then we can refine your design after this to match your exact needs.
  5. Booking and Fitting – Once we have finalised a design, we will then get you booked in for your wrap at Blu Banana Graphics. You will drop your vehicle with us on the booked day and then we will get to work and complete your wrap for you.

If you are looking for someone to support you in designing the vehicle wrap of your dreams then please consider using me!

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